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How can I prepare for IELTS General Training Online for free?

IELTS General Training Online surrey

Introduction to IELTS Exam

It is an English language exam, which is very important for the students considering studying or working in a country where English is the primary language of communication like Canada.

If you are searching for online preparation for IELTS, you are reading the right article. And to know about this, read our article till the end.

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System. It is a global standardized English Language test designed to test the English language abilities of non-native speakers who plan to study or work where English is the language of communication.

Facts and figures about IELTS:

  • The British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English manage the IELTS test.IELTS scores are accepted by more than 10,000 college agencies and other institutions in over 140 countries.
  • Depending on the country, the tests cost anywhere between $215-$240 per attempt (Rs.13250 for the test taken in India).
  • IELTS is the most popular high-stakes test in the whole world.
  • It is a test and not an exam, so you can’t fail it.
  • Its results are reported on a 9 – band scale.
  • It consists of two tests- Academic (Educational Advancement and Professional Advancement) and IELTS General Training online (Secondary Education, Work Experience, Work Training, Migration to English Speaking Countries).
  • It is recognized by every English-speaking country as a test of English proficiency.
  • The IELTS test scorecard will be valid for two years.

Purpose of IELTS test: –

  • This test is available in two modules, Academic and IELTS General Training, online.
  • Its Academic module is intended to assess the language ability of candidates who is in need to study or work where English is the language of communication.
  • The IELTS General Training online module is intended for candidates who are going to English- speaking countries for immigration purposes to Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand.

IELTS eligibility: –

  • Anyone can take the IELTS examination regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, or religion.
  • IELTS is not recommended for individuals under 16 years of age.

Who accepts the IELTS score?

  • Universities
  • Employers
  • Immigration authorities
  • Government agencies

IELTS exam pattern: – 

In addition to computer-based IELTS, there is a paper-based IELTS. For the listening, reading, and writing sections of the IELTS computer-based test, all the candidates need a computer. And on the other hand, the speaking test is done in front of a trained examiner.

IELTS Test Modules:


  • Multiple Choice Questions, Diagram Labelling, Sentence Completion, Summary Completion. (30 minutes,40 questions).
  • Reading:- MCQ, Sentence Completion, Summary Completion, matching headings, matching features. (60 minutes,40 questions).
  • Writing: Two writing tasks, which are of 60 minutes and include two questions.
  • Speaking: Three parts to this section. (11-14 minutes).

Register yourself for IELTS in 5 simple steps: –

Step 1. Prepare

  • Registration instruction.
  • Notice to test takers.
  • Information for test-takers.

Step 2: Select your IELTS

Step 3: Register

  • Create your profile
  • Submit your application

Step 4: Secure your place

  • Credit card payment or
  • Bank deposit or transfer within 72 hours

Step 5: Confirmation

  • Check your email ID for registration and payment confirmation.

How to Prepare for IELTS 

  •  Practice well—all the candidate needs to keep practicing questions at home also. It is a very critical part of the initial preparation, which helps the students know their strengths and weaknesses.

 Take Mock Tests Online.

  •  Learn the Management of time—Test-takers are allowed just 2 hours 45 minutes to take this English proficiency exam. The more you practice, the better you get the time management.
  •  Start the Preparation before Time —the candidates should be ready for the exam at least a week before the official date of the test. But the whole preparation procedure requires at least 3 to 6 months.

Tips for Listening Section: 

The listening test is considered the easiest test of IELTS in all four sections. The candidate must listen to different recordings and answer 40 questions within 30 minutes or half an hour. But the most challenging part of this is that the student has to listen to all the questions and then answer them simultaneously.

1:  Practice well — the candidate is practicing listening to the questions multiple times and trying to answer them; it will benefit them a lot.

2:  Focus is Imperative — a person with a good focus is sure to ace the listening test. It is very important not to lose focus when listening and answering the listening section.

3: Master Different English Accents — Pronunciation practice is a must in IELTS. It is imperative for the candidate must be fluent and spontaneous. There needs to be done very well.

4: Watch Varied Content— the experts suggest watching a variety of content in English, like shows, podcasts, and news channels. It can help with IELTS preparation for beginners.

Tips for Reading Section: 

The reading section mainly tests comprehension. All the examinees have to provide short answers, which are relevant to the passage provided, then match the correct information, and complete the given sentences and labels accurately.

  1. Keeping Track of Reading Time — the students must master their reading skills while keeping track of the time as well. If the students are reading regularly, it helps them in increasing their speed, and they can easily finish reading the given passage in the time provided.
  2. Brushing Up the Vocabulary — Along with reading regularly, the candidates should also concentrate on expanding their vocabulary. They must learn different new and complicated words by reading different levels of passages and improve their knowledge.
  3. Concentration is Essential — if the students read just once, intently, and with absolute focus, they tend to grasp the matter better.
  4. Reading Questions Carefully —the candidates must not start answering the questions without understanding them carefully. They must take time to read the passage very carefully and answer what is asked.
  5. Cover All the Pointers —to attend incomplete answers can also take away a big part of your expected score. It is very necessary that the students read everything properly, understand the questions well, and then answer them, covering all the relevant parts.

Tips for Writing Section:

The writing test is considered the essential part of the exam. It comprises two sections. Task 1 or section 1 includes analyzing a graph diagram or a chart. And task 2 includes writing a very long essay about the topic given to the students, and that topic has to be given there only. The writing module is the module that most people have to struggle with it.

1: Prepare a Mind Map —this test displays the English language skills of the candidate. All the students must approach the tasks once the mind map has been prepared. Thinking about all the Necessary matters related to the topic is essential and also covering them in writing is crucial.

2: Write Answers in Paragraphs—the candidate must write about the topic in multiple paragraphs. The practice gives a better structure and clarity to the write-up in the exam.

3: Practicing Decoding Graphs — the students require practice analyzing a graph and writing about them. They must refer to the test samples and check what types of charts they are going to get to comprehend.

Conclusion: –

This test helps in the preparation of students for real-life situations, including conversing with coworkers or even travelling overseas. A valid IELTS score is required for all large companies and corporations since communication is one of the most vital requirements for employment. Candidates for global firms must have the ability to speak, write, and communicate in English. Moreover, the IELTS score is employed as a required component of the application process when applicants seek PR or immigration in English-speaking countries.

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