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  • PTE is an English proficiency test for applicants seeking to settle or study abroad, where English is the primary source of communication.
  • Since PTE is a sought-after English test worldwide, it is accepted by most colleges and educational institutions.
  • PTE is the first choice of many to attain a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute.
  • PTE is the fastest, most reliable computer-based English Test.
  • Over the years, PTE has been trusted by 3000+ universities and colleges around the globe.
  • PTE is an excellent route to grant visa applications in New Zealand (100% of universities), Australia (100% of universities), the UK (99% of universities), and even Canada (90% of universities).
  • The test results will be provided in 48 hours, which is extremely fast.
  • It is estimated that those wishing to use the PTE required to show evidence of English proficiency for permanent Canadian citizenship or residency will be able to do so by the end of 2023.
  • Online PTE classes in Canada are all set to offer in-depth knowledge and rigorous preparation in Surrey & Vancouver.
  • Getting online guides under us helps the students to get assessed by our trained and experienced tutors and professionals. In this way, you can increase your score.

Note: PTE Academic Online is not granted for migration and work purposes. Conversely, PTE essential is given for applications for migration and work in Canada.

PTE Training Online in Surrey, Canada

The PTE Academic is an online, computer-based English proficiency language test. It is widely accepted by thousands of universities and education institutes worldwide. The exam assesses your English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills like other proficiency tests, such as IELTS. The only difference is that it is taken online without the presence of an examiner. This article is especially for you if you want online preparation for PTE academics. Now, let’s know more about this short, single test in-depth.

What is PTE?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English. It is a language proficiency test, but only taken online through a computer. The best part is that it is accepted by many educational institutions, which is why students and aspirants who wish to go abroad or study in a major English-speaking country consider this exam.

The good news for applicants taking the PTE exam for Canada is that PTE Essentials is introduced by Pearson, the world’s foremost learning company. This exam is a new face of PTE and very similar to PTE Academic. But, in terms of academic focus and vocational education, PTE Academic and PTE Essential differ.

The reason is the high demand for engineering, web development, and nursing professionals. This new edition of PTE will open up exciting opportunities for both Pearson and the test takers. You have to enroll in the PTE online classes for comprehensive preparation.

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Facts about PTE:

  • PTE is a two-hour test through the computer. So, students need not wait for an English listening, speaking, writing, and reading exam.
  • Not only can you take repeated exam dates, but this exam also has last-minute availability.
  • Test takers can take their test in a friendly, small test center environment with less than 145 seats in a room. This way, you will not feel distracted and will attempt the test in the best possible way.

About PTE Test Format:

In this part, we will discuss the elements and test format of PTE: The PTE test comprises English Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening.There are a total of twenty questions in the exam, which range from essay writing to MCQ. Make sure you go over the different question formats before your exam, as there are different types of questions in each section. Let’s move to Part 1, which is the Speaking & Writing Part: The first part of PTE comprises 7 different types of questions. The duration of the exam is 54 to 67 minutes. It is meant to be the longest Part of the exam. Before answering, it is essential to understand the question first. Use the menu to learn how to answer each question and know the question type.

Personal Introduction (PI)

The first step is introducing yourself. This will help you prepare for listening and speaking questions and become familiar with the PTE exam technique. Keep in mind that PI is taken only for familiarization rather than to help score marks. Test takers will only have a few seconds to read at the appointed time and prepare their answers. Afterward, they would have 30 seconds to record their response only once.

Read the text louder

Test takers must have to read a prompt text loudly for this item. There are only 30 to 40 seconds to prepare and respond to it. Note that you should start speaking after the microphone opens, as your voice won’t be recorded.

Replicate the sentence

After listening, the test taker will need to repeat the sentence. In this item, the audio starts playing automatically. The microphone opens, and the Recording Status box indicates recording when the audio has ended. You need to repeat exactly the words you heard immediately.

Explain Image

For this step, you will have 25 seconds to look at the image shown on display and prepare your answer. You notice a short tone; you must start speaking from a distance once it’s done.

Repeat the lecture in your form

In this step, the sound starts playing automatically while an image will also appear on display. Once it is completed, the test takers will have 10 seconds to prepare and respond.

Short Question Answers

In this question type, a sound starts playing, and an image will appear on display. After the sound ends, you have to answer the query in one or a few words.

Précis the written text

The candidate has to note down the gist of the question in one sentence within 10 minutes. Remember the important aspects of reading the passage in a complete sentence of fewer than 80 words.


In this item, the test taker needs to write an essay on a given title (200 to 300 words) within 20 minutes.

Let’s move to Part 2, which is Reading Part:

This exam section takes 20 to 30 minutes and comprises 5 different question varieties.

Fill in the blanks (Reading & Writing)

For this question type, you have to choose the most accurate words from the drop-down list to re-establish the text.

MCQ (Multiple responses)

After that, you have to go through the passage and answer MCQs. Note that there might be one or more than one correct answer.

Put the boxes in the appropriate order

Examinees have to establish the proper sequence of questions. To do this, they need to pick text boxes and drag them across the display.

Fill the gaps

Next, you need to pull and go down words across the display to appropriately fill in the blanks. In simple terms, it contains a passage with few missing words. Make sure all the words given will not be used to fill the gaps.

Multiple Choice (Single Response)

In this question type, examinees need to read the passage and respond to the MCQs. Note that the correct answer will be only one.
Now, let’s move to Part 3, which is the Listening Part:
The listening part of PTE takes 30 to 43 minutes to complete. The number of questions is eight, which vary from each other. These questions start to play automatically, while each question is based on video and audio clips. You need to hear these clips and answer them.

Synopsis of what you understand

You have to write a synopsis after hearing an audio recording. The suggested range for the response is 50–70 words. And the maximum duration to complete is 10 minutes.

Multiple Choices (Multiple responses)

You will listen to the audio in this question and respond to the MCQ. Bear in mind that there will be more than one appropriate response.

Fills the gaps

To fill in the blanks, test takers are presented with a record of the audio clip. Some words are likely to be missed. You will need to restore the transcript by typing in the missing words.

Select the summary for possible accurate answers.

In this, the audio starts playing, and you have to listen to the audio recording. Afterward, you’ll need to choose the outline that best suits the recording.

Multiple Choices (Single Response)

Choose Missing Word

Once you listen to a recording, you have to choose from a list of options for the missing words that comprehend the recording.


The transcript may have some errors, but you have to choose the words in the sentence that vary from those the speaker conveys.

Highlighting incorrect words

You will be presented with a short sentence in which you need to respond to the sentence in the answer box below the display.


PTE is a sought-after language proficiency test that is accepted widely. Through PTE Academic, people can choose to study or work abroad. But, PTE Essential is now introduced for Economic Visa in Canada.

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