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What is CELPIP? How To Pass The CELPIP Exam On Your First Try?

celpip exam

Many people dream of moving to Canada for studies and work. A language proficiency test is the only way to help them reach their goal.  One such language proficiency test that comes into the limelight after IELTS is the CELPIP exam. This assessment test is ideal for those who cannot imagine their day without a PC. To learn more about the CELPIP exam and how to crack it on your first attempt, check the information below.

Everything you need to know about the CELPIP exam

CELPIP exam stands for the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program Test. As its name suggests, the test is specially curated for professional designation and immigration. Canada’s well-known English proficiency exam, CELPIP, has two forms:  CELPIP-General LS and CELPIP-General. 

The general form of the CELPIP exam is designed to showcase capability in the English language in terms of reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Conversely, the General LS exam assesses a candidate’s listening and speaking English skills.

For the best CELPIP classes in Surrey, scroll down to google. CELPIP is one of only two English proficiency exams widely accepted by IRCC (immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada) for Canadian citizenship and residency through applications. 

Why choose the CELPIP exam?

CELPIP is an authoritative and related high-stakes language test. It is also a prominent test to obtain proof of English level for study or work purposes. In addition, it is meant to be taken for permanent citizenship and residency visas. 

Key features of the CELPIP exam

  • CELPIP-General LS

The CELPIP exam (General LS) consists of 1 hour and 10 minutes with two sections – speaking and listening. This exam is only conducted in Canada.

  • CELPIP- General 

The CELPIP-General takes three hours to complete and is taken in one sitting via computer, internationally, or at a test center in Canada. This form of the CELPIP exam is divided into 4 sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. These sections contain different components, which include the following:

  • Listening

The listening section has four components with about 40 questions and lasts about 3 minutes. Anyone who lives in Canada will have no problem getting the timbre of the speakers when listening to recordings on the CELPIP exam.

  • Reading

This section comprises three components and about 40 questions overall. It takes a minimum of 60 minutes. In this section, the test taker will be expected to solve reading passages which will get stronger as you proceed with the passages.

  • Writing

This section contains two components: the test taker will need to write a letter and an essay. It takes approx 60 minutes. The applicant must be confident about this section’s sentence structure, grammar, or lexical processing.

  • Speaking

The speaking section has three components and lasts for 11 to 14 minutes. First, the test taker has to introduce themselves, answer questions and give a speech. Then, you can start this module by recording your answers in a microphone. Or, you can practice playing other audio files in the background and see if you can still record your actions and focus well without losing focus.

How to pass the CELPIP exam on your first attempt?

There needs to be more than just enrolling into CELPIP classes in Surrey to crack the exam. That said, you will need to learn a skill to do well, and you should consistently practice. Let’s check the CELPIP exam preparation Tips in the below section:

  • Improve your common English skills.

As stated above, CELPIP is a general English proficiency test. Simply put, the test assesses the taker’s ability to use English regularly, which means it is not a test of literary English or professional English. Reading will help you improve your reading speed and give you confidence after including online articles, English magazines, or complete novels.

  • Include computer use in your preparation.

Since the CELPIP exam is entirely computer-based, the test taker must be confident using the mouse and keyboard. You will find expertly prepared test material and mock tests online, which will help you familiarize yourself with the format.

  • Use plenty of grammatical and vocabulary structures.

Demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary when attempting the speaking and writing sections. For example, do not repeat words in the same sentence. However, no one can keep an entire vocabulary or dictionary in mind. So, you only use words that would be used regularly.

  • Familiar with different reading strategies.

You don’t need to read every word when it comes to answering every question on your test. Alternatively, practice reading strategies such as scanning and skimming while you read. To get the primary idea, you should skim through the passage. Afterward, find some keywords that you can scan the text for.

  • Check the responses.

If there is time left to complete the reading, listening, or writing module of the CELPIP exam, a test taker should go through the answers and ensure that they have attempted to answer each question correctly.

  • Keep an eye on time throughout the test.

The CELPIP test is fully computerized, so one must watch the screen. They should note how many minutes are left for each module. You can practice with a monitored timer as they guide you on how to pace yourself during the test.

  • Don’t worry about the tone.

The examiners are experts in avoiding accents. Unless it interferes with recognizing the accent, don’t focus on it. Instead, practice using precise and varied vocabulary and accurate grammar, and provide clear responses, if needed.

  • Prepare notes.

When appearing for the CELPIP exam, examinees will get paper and a pen. A test taker may consider summarizing some ideas for speaking and writing answers.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice.

Various materials are available with practice items and lessons for this test. They will help you learn and practice at your own pace. Not only CELPIP classes in Surrey but the study material available on google also helps you to crack the exam easily. Accessing live classes with a real-life expert helps prepare for the exam.

  • Use natural speed in a clearer voice.

When appearing for the speaking module of the exam, one must communicate clearly into the microphone. It should be close to the lower lips but should not touch them. Most applicants speak quickly when they are nervous. So, try to relax and speak at a natural pace in a clear voice.

  •  Focus on what makes sense.

A test taker may have to deal with words that may be difficult to read in the reading or listening module. Don’t worry about words that no one understands. Instead, focus on general knowledge and those parts of the section that one can understand.


CELPIP is a general proficiency exam that enables applicants to show their ability to work in English. Try to read in native English as much as possible in daily activities.

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