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Top Five Keys to Get High Score in IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2 (General IELTS)


Basic knowledge of English is not enough if you want to get a high score in the IELTS exams (International English Language Test System). To clear your IELTS exam with flying colors is the dream of every candidate for traveling to English-speaking nations for diverse purposes. Selecting the right online classes for IELTS is vital to get a comprehensive solution to crossover the difficult level of the exam with great results. 

A Glimpse of The IELTS Writing Test 

The IELTS writing test is a one-hour exam in which candidates must complete two different tasks. Although task 1 differs between Academic and General Candidates, task 2 is the same for both. Task 1 is related to reporting information from a chart, graph, map, or process diagram in academic training. Task 1 of general training, on the other hand, is related to a circumstance in which the candidate must write a letter in a semi-formal, personal, or format manner. In both circumstances, a candidate must compose 150 words in 20 minutes.

The IELTS writing task 2 is a lengthy essay in which the examiner presents details of a concept or opinion, argument, or problem and the student must react accordingly. In addition, the candidate must compose 250 words in 40 minutes.

Are you confused about whether to join online classes for IELTS or not? Here are the top five keys that online schools provide for achieving high results in IELTS writing tasks.

  1. Boosts confidence: Because IELTS writing tasks have a very short time limit, aspirants must be confident and well prepared for the exam. By enrolling in the best online classes for IELTS, you will improve your knowledge of the English language and expand your skill set. These schools offer highly qualified teachers who will assist you in obtaining all of the specific requirements you require to develop your writing talents.
  2. Friendly advice without judging: Aspirants may have a plethora of questions about the IELTS writing problem 2. As a result, enrolling in the correct IELTS online training gives a highly welcoming environment for candidates who are anxious about taking these exams. This pleasant coaching without criticizing the applicants gives them the confidence they need to ace the tough test with ease.
  3. Continuous preparation with sample tests: Aspirants have a plethora of possibilities for IELTS mock tests and IELTS practice tests online. The exclusive IELTS online training prepares you to deal with a variety of difficult scenarios, as well as queries posed by the examiners during writing tasks 1 and 2. As a result, the examiner will comprehend your perspective and opinion on the issue in writing tasks 1 and 2.
  4. Free sample tests: One of the most common blunders applicants make is failing to write or provide accurate responses to questions. Before you begin your queries, you should take some time to properly consider them. For example, determine the sort of question, examine the instruction work, and look closely at the keywords in the questions. Online classes assist you acquire to free trial lessons to help you get an idea about the exact examination.
  5. Provides accurate feedback: When you take the IELTS test, your English reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities are all evaluated. As a result, IELTS online training professionals provide up-to-date study material as well as frequent feedback on your level of preparedness. These helpful remarks from expert IELTS tutors can help you develop your skills on a daily basis.

Five Key Points To Get Improve Your Score In IELTS Writing Tasks 1 and 2

  1. You need to get familiar with the essay writing structure by including all the sections, such as introduction, body, and conclusion. 
  2. Before attempting your questions, you need to understand each and every line. You need to write 150 words in the writing task 1 and 250 words in task 2. 
  3. Use proper vocabulary and construct error-free, grammatically correct sentences. 
  4. You should keep it formal and ensure that your writing is readable. 
  5. Check your answers to make sure no questions are left. 

Sample of IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS Writing Task

Sample of IELTS Writing Task 2

ielts writing task 2

Samples source: collegedunia

Candidates who do not attend quality IELTS coaching will need more time to prepare for and pass the exam. Attending quality online classes for IELTS from highly experienced and educated teachers, on the other hand, allows individuals to prepare in less time. Nonetheless, applicants have easy access to a variety of materials to help them prepare for their IELTS writing tasks 1 and 2.

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