CELBAN preparation

  • This is the course conducted for nurses, to assess the English language skill of other national nurses aspiring to work in Canada
  • The test is focused on the language being used commonly in the workplace.
  • Here we can help you by assisting in the terminology being used, various modes of communications.
  • We help nurses in all assessment examination of listening, writing, reading and speaking.
  • Our organisation is recognised by the nursing licencing bodies of Canada.
  • We design and align “Higher score in CELBAN listening module” preparation in such a way that you can learn and get the score that is required for your dream job.
  • We deliver our courses in person as well as online as per the ease of the candidate
  • All our employees are internationally qualified language trainers.
  • Candidate trained by us can answer questions based on narration, summarization, demonstration through the synthesis of the key c component of the language.

Online sessions available in COVID-19 pandemic Situation