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Planning and preparing for a trip to Canada is a significant decision, regardless of whether you’re moving there, searching for employment, or applying for citizenship. It’s essential to prove English proficiency, which is mandatory for all these purposes. The PTE Core exam is a trusted exam for assessing general English skills for those pursuing Canadian aspirations. It has been approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and is aligned with the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level. This article will provide insight into how the PTE Core exam can benefit you, the resources available for preparation, and essential tips to improve your PTE Core score.

Understanding the Differences between PTE Core and PTE Academic

Before we start, it’s crucial to understand the differences between PTE Core and PTE Academic.

Purpose: PTE Core is intended for Canada-focused aspirations, assessing everyday English skills for migration, work, or citizenship. On the other hand, PTE Academic is globally recognized and emphasizes academic English skills for university admissions and immigration.

Accepted by IRCC: Canada’s IRCC accepts PTE Core for specific visa categories related to economic migration and citizenship. It holds primary recognition for Canadian immigration and citizenship purposes. In contrast, PTE Academic is recognized globally and accepted by numerous institutions and immigration authorities worldwide.

Test Format: The test format of PTE Core consists of four user-friendly sections focusing on everyday English skills. PTE Academic has four sections but emphasizes academic English skills. PTE Core replaces specific PTE Academic questions like “Retell Lecture” with “Respond to a Situation” and alters written tasks. PTE Academic includes academic-oriented tasks such as summarizing lectures and essays.

Test Duration: The PTE Core program has been designed to offer a time-efficient assessment of language proficiency compared to the PTE Academic, which focuses on assessing academic language skills and specific academic tasks. As a result, the PTE Academic program tends to have a longer duration. The time limit for PTE Core Summarize Spoken Text is 8 minutes, and the summary length should be 20-30 words. On the other hand, for PTE Academic, the summary should be 50-70 words, and the time limit is 10 minutes.

Content Differences: PTE Core is designed for efficiency, with a shorter duration, while PTE Academic typically takes longer because it focuses on academic language skills and specific academic tasks. The word limit for PTE Core Summarize Written Text is 5 – 75 words compared to PTE Academics, which is 25 – 50.

Who Can Benefit from PTE Core?

PTE Core is an apt option if you aspire to make Canada your new home, explore work opportunities, or secure Canadian citizenship. It caters to individuals who are:

  • Prospective immigrants to Canada
  • Individuals seeking employment opportunities
  • Those pursuing Canadian citizenship

IRCC recognizes PTE Core for various visa categories and evaluates general English skills essential for everyday situations, ensuring a seamless integration into Canadian life.

Preparation Classes for PTE Core

Proper preparation is paramount to navigate the challenges of PTE Core successfully. Canadian Education Hub is a trusted source for PTE preparation resources and provides a comprehensive solution. Live classes, practice resources, simulated exams, and outlines are ways students can take advantage of our experienced instructors.

Canadian Education Hub covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening, equipping candidates with specific strategies and techniques. We also provide a vast collection of real exam PTE questions and experienced teachers who help users prepare for all PTE question types and tasks, including PTE Core questions such as Write Email. The teachers evaluate and score PTE responses, providing instant scores, detailed feedback, and performance analysis. Canadian Education Hub ensures a personalized and practical approach to PTE Core preparation.

Tips to Improve Your PTE Core Score

Elevating your PTE Core score requires strategic preparation. Here are some tips that can help you achieve your desired score:

Understand the Test Format and Scoring

Comprehending the PTE Core test format and scoring system is foundational. With sections like Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening, detailed insights on the official PTE Core website pave the way for adequate preparation.

Practice with Sample Questions and Tests

Access to free sample questions and practice tests on the PTE Core website is invaluable. Practising with these resources familiarizes candidates with question types and difficulty levels and provides insightful feedback for improvement.

Improve Your English Skills and Strategies

Enhancing vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and fluency is crucial. We offer tips, and candidates can enrol in a PTE Core preparation course or use preparatory books for a comprehensive skill boost.


In conclusion, PTE Core is a trustworthy and accessible pathway to realize your Canadian dreams. It is designed for practical language application and offers a fair, accurate, and cost-effective means of proving English proficiency. Prepare with Canadian Education Hub, ensuring a tailored and practical approach to your PTE Core journey.



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