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What is the CELPIP general test?

The CELPIP General Test is an English language test developed by the University of British Columbia in Canada. This test is used for immigration purposes and other purposes such as school, college, or university admission, obtaining a realtor license, or immigration consultant license (IRCC).

Here, we are going to tell you everything about CELPIP general test. For this test, you will have to practice as much as possible.

Some CELPIP general test takers may be fluent enough in the English language or even native speakers. Still, some preparation is highly recommended to obtain the highest score possible. For these people, we recommend completing several practice tests to be familiar with the format and other things for CELPIP general test. When you make an account on its website named celpip.ca, you will get a CELPIP practice test for practice. And when you sign up for this CELPIP general test, you will get another free sample test. You should practice these free sample tests to be familiar with the test format.

CELPIP General test measures your English language abilities in a practical setting. It is quite different from the IELTS test. Even though you have taken the IELTS test with a good score band, you don’t have to take this test very lightly since it has a markedly different test format.

The CELPIP General test uses Canadian English. And in general, Canadian English is very similar to American English with very few differences like some spellings, but the pronunciation is almost identical.

We are telling you some tips to help you improve your CELPIP general score

Reading tips for CELPIP.

The reading test is not very difficult, but test takers have to answer all the questions fast since they will not be given much time.

  • If you are a slow reader, start practicing by reading the questions first before you read the passage. And on the other hand, if you read fast, you should read the paragraph first to understand the paragraph.
  • Start reading English laguage materials daily to boost it up. Start practicing at least a month before your test. Do read newspaper articles, editorials, blogs, etc.
  • We highly recommend CELPIP Reading practice daily. Our practice material contains some specific skill-building questions and CELPIP reading practice tests.
  • Whenever you see any word you don’t know, try to guess its meaning based on the topic and information.
  • Try to learn many opinion markers. And when you see an opinion marker, you should know that you will see an opinion statement shortly.
  • The reading test is a time-based test. You must practice CELPIP general test with an alarm clock.

Speaking Tips for CELPIP

In this, test takers will be given eight different speaking questions. You need to know the type of all the questions very well.

The main thing is that they have given only 30-60 seconds to prepare their speaking answers. And those who complain that they cannot come up with ideas in a short period, need to practice a lot to clear this exam. A few tips for its preparation are-

  • Those who have failed to get good scores in speaking must take speaking classes if they want to stop wasting their time and money.
  • You must find sample speaking questions, practice them, compare them with the already given answers.
  • Always try to add details to your ideas too.
  • One method I like to generate ideas is to think of relevant WH family like-who what, where, when, why how questions. It will boost your practice.
  • While practicing speaking, always record your responses using your phone. It will help you to listen again and check for errors.
  • You can practice speaking daily in your room only. Start working on your speaking on different topics.
  • Here, you are required to show that you understand the context and the situation very well. Then, you should use the correct tone.
  • Always try to use expressions that are suitable for the situation.

CELPIP Writing Tips

Here, in this section, you will find two tasks to complete. The first is writing an email, and the second is writing a survey response.

  • Avoid using big words that you are not familiar with, and don’t use idioms in your writing.
  • If you are not a native speaker, you need to improve your English language proficiency. It’s essential because many test-takers aren’t aware of their errors until they’ve written their responses.
  • Try to learn from high-scoring CELPIP writing samples. And if you cannot find them, look for Band 8 or 9 IELTS General Writing samples which are very similar to the CELPIP Writing task 1, which is writing an email. And for CELPIP task 2, you can read sample essays used in other English proficiency tests.

Listening Tips for CELPIP

The listening test in CELPIP general is comparatively easier than what you see in the IELTS exam. When you prepare for it, you must focus on improving your functional listening skills.

  • Every day, you should try to listen to English.
  • You must know common opinion markers that people use in a conversation or speech.
  • Listen to Canadian audio content; news clips from CBC are great resources. Furthermore, you can watch Canadian dramas like Kim’s Convenience and Mr. D.

Others Useful Tips

– You should complete the CELPIP practice test as much as you can. Use the last day for any last-minute preparation.

– The day before the test, you must check the location of the CELPIP general test center that you will be going to.

– You must check your CELPIP general test scores after 4-5 business calendar days of your test. You will get an email notification also when the scores are available.

– To improve your overall English language proficiency, you must increase your exposure to your English language as much as possible.

– You should develop a habit of listening to and reading English materials daily.

Now, why are you waiting? If you are trying for this exam, then start practicing.

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